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Through our Executive In Residence (“EIR”) program we partner with exceptional executives and utilize a thematic approach to pursue new investment opportunities inline with the EIR’s in-depth industry expertise.  EIRs bring perspective and a unique capabilitiy to build and transform companies undergoing complex challenges into best in class market leaders.


Trevor Myers

CEO & President of MPI Products

Turnspire Executive in Residence

Trevor Myers has over 35 years of executive experience in both the original equipment and aftermarket automotive business, including significant expertise in gear manufacturing and other high-volume manufacturing. He is the CEO & President and serves on the Board of Managers of Turnspire portfolio company MPI Products.


Before joining Turnspire as an EIR, Trevor served as President and CEO of Cloyes Gear and Products, Inc. for over 20 years, driving domestic and international growth, customer diversification and substantial operational improvements.  Under Trevor’s leadership, Cloyes achieved record revenue and EBITDA. 


In his many years in the industry, Trevor developed significant expertise with automotive OEM and aftermarket sales channels and customers, including both the Detroit 3 and new domestics.  Trevor also has substantial experience managing domestic and international manufacturing as well as supply chains. 


Further, Trevor has many years of experience working in private equity environments, since Cloyes was a successful investment by KPS Capital Partners (invested in 2006; exited in 2012) and was subsequently owned by American Securities LLC.


Trevor was a member of the Board of Directors of both Cloyes and HHI Holdings, Inc (which merged with Cloyes under KPS ownership). Trevor also served and serves on various leadership and advisory capacities in automotive industry associations, including the NAPA Supplier Council, the National Engine Parts Association (as President) and the Board of Governors of Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association, a division of MEMA.


Trevor holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from The University of Michigan.


We target situations where the Turnspire investment and Trevor's leadership can catalyze transformational business improvements


  • Suppliers to Automotive OEMs

  • Automotive after market suppliers

  • Gear manufacturing

  • Precision machining

  • Powdered metals


  • Corporate carve-outs

  • Distressed and turnaround situations

  • Buyouts of under-managed and under-performing companies

  • Public to private


  • Revenue of $50 - 400 million

  • Positive EBITDA not required


Our flexible model allows for tailor made transactions that lead to better outcomes for sellers


Trevor's expertise facilitates significant value creation, which we can leverage to craft win-win transactions for all constituents involved


Deep industry knowledge accelerates our diligence process and streamlines the transaction timeline 



Our ability to drive transformative improvements post close allows us to overcome significant  challenges